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Based on chemical analysis, we present this material as Flux grade Marble for use in Iron & Steel industries and the other industries of micronized powder production, which is used in paper making, paint making, Excavation, agriculture (PH adjustment), refractory products, water treatment and wastewater industries and it widely used in the glass industry and it is very suitable for preparing marble chips as well as for preparing pebbles. The particle size is mainly (about 96%) in the range of 30 to 60 mm and it can be supplied in lumps in Shahid Rajaei port of Bandar Abbas (140 km from the mine). It is also possible to load the lumps from a nearby fishing port at a distance of 60km.
The grand capacity is almost 1,500 Mega Metric Tones. Investigations have shown that the highest quality is almost one tenth of the whole capacity; the lowest one is almost 45%.

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Chemical Specification
Razi Metallurgical Research Centre (RMRC)
Geo Chem Laboratories PVT Ltd
RMRC ASTM D 792UnitLimestone
Specific Gravitygr/cm32.739
Water Absorption% w0.217
Oil Absorption% w0.340
SpecificationUnitRMRCGEO CHEM
Na2O% w0.0000.0000.0000.041
SiO2% w0.0000.0000.4300.500
CaO% w55.70055.60053.75053.728
SrO% w0.0350.0660.0280.000
MgO% w0.2400.3201.2101.417
P2O5% w0.0160.0000.0220.000
MnO% w0.0000.0000.0520.000
La & Lu% w0.0230.0170.0150.000
Al2O3% w0.0000.0001.6000.291
K2O% w0.0000.0000.4000.091
Fe2O3% w0.0160.0450.9500.174
LOI% w43.96043.95041.65042.884
Uses of limestone
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