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Atlas Mining and Commercial Company started its work in the early 2011, relying on technical knowledge and benefiting from specialized and experienced colleagues and consultants in the mining industry and trade affairs. The basis of the company’s activity is the exploitation, processing and production and trade of mineral products and investment in this field, and with sufficient experience and knowledge of domestic and foreign market conditions and benefiting from infrastructure and financial capabilities in the UAE, Qatar, Turkey and Oman is active.

Atlas Company, since 2015, has added the identification of innovative opportunities for Stone Paper exploitation to the company’s study portfolio. In this regard, with the formation of specialized working groups consisting of experts in the printing, advertising and marketing industry after conducting market research and production of consumer samples of this type of paper, now this product is supplied by reputable global sources and has a favorable position in the Middle East.

Focus on providing services and products in accordance with international standards and expanding business activities with the Middle East, the European Union and East Asia based on adherence to business commitments, flexible prices in line with market needs, a decade of experience in trading Metallic and Non-Metallic Minerals, Marble and Onyx Cubes, Ceramic Tiles and Stone Paper, interested in business development and creating sustainable employment for talented and specialized people, have created an opportunity to attract international and domestic investors as the overseas Marketing department of Patak Mining Complex.

Having effective communication with international and domestic expert consultants, paying attention to the promotion of scientific and technical knowledge of the personnel has caused the convergence of Atlas Company to be in an optimal situation.
We strive to create a credible platform for sustainable business and cultural relationships with all our stakeholders.

about us


  • Contract Manufacturing in the form of Tile and Slab
  • Ability to visit the mines and select the desired Cubes
  • Design and Architectural consulting
  • Design division is ready to propose interior & exterior design with stone materials based on different architectural styles in accordance with wide range of customers’ needs.
  • As built survey team, by engaging the most advanced technology and device, prepare the precise cutting plans, according to the usage, installation point, deformities, arcs and etc.
  • Supervision team, have complete control over the preparation and installation of the stone material(s) during the project implementation period, to ensure the best possible result, regardless of the complexity of the project.
  • Technical division, based on as-built drawings, prepare the stone plates in accepted scales, cross checking dimensions, coding the cut parts based on installation plan(s). Subsequently, this process improves the quality of executive operations and reduces waste materials.
  • With the presence of an experienced financial and customs team, the possibility of delivery as FOB
  • Provide mineral analysis from reputable international and domestic laboratories.


  • Razi Metallurgical Research Center
  • Zarazma mineral studies company
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