Nazdasht Quarry

Nazdasht is famous for its qualified recrystallized marble deposits. Nazdasht is situated at southern part of Iran, almost distant 75 km away from the Persian Gulf, and has an ancient marble mining history. The Nazdasht marble has made a perceptible dent in marble industry because of its blockability, color, high purity of calcium carbonate which is +99.5%, as compared to other marbles of the world, good polishing character and luster. It is fine grained and exhibits stable, well distributed colors, pleasing and attractive designs and patterns. The translucent varieties of the marble are preferred over other marbles for monumental and sculpture work.

Nazdasht Quarry capacity

Nazdasht mine consist of five classes of marble according to color and quality. The grand capacity is almost 1,500 Mega Metric Tons. Investigations have shown that the highest quality is almost one tenth of the whole capacity; the lowest one is almost 45%.

Nazdasht Quarry Stone
Nazdasht Quarry
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