Patak Quarry

Patak mine is located in the south of Kerman province in Asminon section of Manoojan city and at a distance of one hundred and sixty kilometers from Bandar Abbas export terminals. This mine with an area of about 2.5 square kilometers and reserves of over 100 million tons is classified as one of the largest mines in the country. The Marble of this mine is the result of metamorphic and recrystallized limestone and therefore has very special physical and chemical properties compared to similar rocks. Among the properties of this stone, we can mention the 97% purity of calcium carbonate, its hardness, malleability and high susceptibility, and its very low water and oil absorption.

The construction of more than twenty kilometers of mountain roads, the drilling of more than a thousand meters of boreholes to identify potential points and the creation of a round-trip ring for stone-carving machines, has created the potential to create more than ten work chests in this mining area. At present, this mine is operating with six active working breasts and a monthly production capacity of 2,500 tons of stone quarry.

Patak porcelain stone color variation

Due to the large area and mineralization of rock in the entire surface of the mine and its proximity to various metal materials, this mine has a very high color diversity.

Existence of high storage and health, variety of colors and designs, proximity to export terminals and desirable physical and chemical properties, this stone is among the first level stones in the country for export to European, American and Asian countries.

Office buildings, infrastructure facilities including gate cranes with a length of ninety meters and crushing plant with a daily production capacity of one thousand tons of aggregate stone has been constructed on a land area of 75,000 square meters.

Patak Quarry
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